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ONNY Collagen Capsules -60capsules


  1. To brighten skin
  2. Reducing acne, red marks, black marks
  3. Reduce wrinkles, deep grooves, crow’s feet
  4. Helps to reduce eye fatigue.
  5. Nourishing nails, hair, bones.

How to use;

Take 1 capsule per day

1 container contains 60 capsules

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Improves overall skin radiance, tone, texture and elasticity.

Lightens Hyperpigmentation, PIH and Melasma.

Provides Immune Support, Repairs damaged Skin.

Strengthens hair and nails, Intracellular Detoxification.

General Use– Two Capsules once daily.

General Precautions– Not for use in Children, Pregnant Women, Breastfeeding Mothers or in Chronic Medical Illnesses except with the approval of your Personal Physician.


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